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Earrings Spike
Earrings Spike
Earrings Spike
Earrings Spike

Earrings Spike

€31.50 - €40.00

Stone color

Stone color
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925 Silver
24K Yellow gold
S. Kristall
Kivi värv:
Vitrail Medium / Golden Shadow
Earring clasp:
English clasp





Meilys is a masterpiece of elegance in every jewelry piece. The French brand Meilys embodies centuries-old craftsmanship traditions, offering refined jewelry for true connoisseurs of beauty. Meilys collections captivate with exquisite design, inspired by the beautiful forms of nature and the elegance of French style. Each Meilys piece is not just a piece of jewelry but a work of art, handcrafted by master craftsmen using only high-quality materials. Discover the exciting world of brilliance and sophistication with Meilys, where your moments become timeless masterpieces. Immerse yourself in refinement and style by choosing Meilys jewelry - a symbol of eternal elegance.


About the product

Elevate your style with Meilys' Earrings Spike. These dangle beauties blend 925 silver with a touch of luxury from their 24K yellow gold plating. They feature striking S. Kristall stones in a captivating Golden Shadow and Vitrail Medium hue. Secure with an English clasp for effortless elegance.


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